Add these drinks in your list to beat the heat in Summer


With Summers just around the corner, the sun is ready with its scorching heat and dehydrating powers. One thing which becomes a handy defence against it in all parts of the world is a cool rejuvenating drink. India has abundance of this to offer. Every state and region has their own favourite cocktail, their own variations of ‘sherbat’ and ingredients to wade off the hot arid wind. Here’s a list of such magic drinks from different parts of India!

Just leave your food in a sandpit to cook the Rajasthani way

Nannari is known across India for its medicinal properties, but its use as a summer coolant is common in southern India. Made by boiling the roots of Nannari or Indian Sarsaparilla in water with spoonful of sugar and a dash of lime, it hydrates the body and add onto its immunity with its anti inflammatory properties. Nowadays ready made syrups are available in markets. Buy one, add a spoonful in water and you are ready to go!

A drink known to all North Indian household, Shikanji or Jal Jeera adds fun and ice to the hot summer day. A concoction of water, lemon and sugar with cumin or black salt adding a spicy twist to it. It is a favourite among adults and children, both. No wonder, it is readily in restaurants, hotels and carts on the street.

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Piyush, which literally translates to the nectar of God is a local favourite of Gujarat. This drink is a milky mixture of buttermilk, shrikhand and curd and gives an energy packed drink which cools as well as provides wholeness of the dairy product!

On the eastern part of India, Bengal’s Gondhoraj Ghol takes a special spot in the summer drinks. A delectable blend of curd, sugar, salt, water and the local Gondhoraj’s juice, it delights with its citrus flavour and refreshing aroma.