Message of our constitution ‘Dignity for Indians’ and ‘Unity for India’: PM

Narendra Modi Constitution dayPrime Minister Narendra Modi in Central Hall of Parliament

New Delhi । Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘Dignity for Indians’ and ‘Unity for India’ are two messages that our Constitution has propagated. It has upheld the dignity of every Indian and has ensured the unity of India stands strong.

Addressing members of both Houses of Parliament in the Central Hall on the occasion of Constitution Day, the Prime Minister also said that Babasaheb Ambedkar would have been the happiest today because India has “strengthened both its independence and democracy”.

He urged citizens to think of how they can fulfill the duties enshrined in the Constitution, including by saving water and paying taxes.

“Let us think about how we can fulfill the duties enshrined in our Constitution. As proud citizens of India, let us think about how our actions will make our nation even stronger,” he said.

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“The Constitution of India highlights both the rights and duties of citizens. This is a special aspect of our Constitution,” he said.

Modi said there are several easy duties that citizens can perform in order to contribute to the nation.

“If a citizen saves every drop of water, he’s performing his duty. If he’s getting immunisation done at the right time, he’s performing his duty. If he’s voting, he’s performing his duty. If he’s paying his taxes, he’s performing his duty,” he said.

He termed November 26 a historic day for India as 70 years ago on this day India had officially adopted its Constitution.

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“We should ensure that we focus on duties whenever we’re talking to the people of India. Our Constitution starts with ‘We, the people of India’ and we’re its power, inspiration and target,” he said.

Modi said that “rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand” and that Mahatma Gandhi had explained this relationship well.

“Now that we’re celebrating his 150th birth anniversary, his quotes become even more relevant,” he added.